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Program Goals

In preparing students for the challenges of this increasingly interdependent
world, the MIL assists students to:

  • Develop their dynamic leadership and management skills
  • Increase their awareness of culturally diverse populations
  • Learn to recognize and resolve cross-cultural conflicts
  • Enhance their methods of persuasion, mediation and negotiation
  • Employ the case study method to improve organizational efficiency
  • Develop culturally sensitive, global planning strategies
  • Display inspirational leadership through internships and fieldwork in the public and private sectors
  • Deploy qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to evaluate and solve intercultural leadership and managerial challenges

Each course in the sequences emphasizes some element of this profile.
Personalized student interaction allows faculty to monitor student progress on the achievement of these goals.

The Certificate in Inter-cultural Leadership (CIL) program offers two
options that are less intensive than the MIL program. In effect, students in
the CPIL program will take the same courses as MIL participants, but only one per semester. The CPIL has the same goals as the MIL in preparing students for the challenges of the future.