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Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership (MIL)

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership and Certificate programs differ mainly in the number of credits required each semester, the length of time for completion, and whether a final scholarly paper is required.

MIL Applications are now being accepted on an ongoing basis.

    2009 MIL Program Brochure
    2009 MIL Application

1) A full-time program of study (5 semesters, 30 credit hours)
Full-time in the MIL program means participating in and completing two courses (for a total of six credits) each semester with a passing grade.

2) Independent Study and Scholarly Paper (1 semester, no credits)
The independent study segment, completed under the supervision of an advisor, is the main focus of a final, sixth semester, usually the second spring semester of the program. The purpose of independent study is to allow students to apply the precepts they have learned in the previous semesters in analyzing a particular issue that interests them, and to write a paper exploring the causes, effects, and possible solutions to the issue.

3) Culmination (Defense/Presentation and Graduation)
A successful defense, with a presentation of the accepted paper, will end in the student graduating from the program. The defense and presentation may be accomplished via the internet, but students who are able may travel to Honolulu to defend and present in person. This step offers students the opportunity to exhibit understanding of the precepts covered in the course of study, and to demonstrate their mastery of the subject in the form of an effective Scholarly Paper.