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Program Requirements

The MIL and Certificate programs differ mainly in the number of credits required each semester, the length of time for completion, and whether a final scholarly paper is required.

Classes taught entirely online

In order to reach the most international and diverse selection of students possible, and to ensure anyone, anywhere may have access to the ideas and theories taught in the MIL and CIL programs, APC offers 100% of its courses online.

The Master of Arts in Inter-cultural Leadership requires:

30 credit hours of course work:

  1. 15 credits of core courses (listed in the next pages), including at least 3 credits of research methods

  2. 15 credits of elective courses

  3. Independent study resulting in a scholarly paper

Scholarly Paper

In addition to whatever papers are required within individual courses, students in the MIL and ECIL programs must submit a scholarly paper(SP) as a culmination experience. Faculty approval of this paper is a graduation requirement. The SP allows students to demonstrate graduate-level academic writing and research skills. It must address a relevant topic in the field of intercultural leadership. The research for this paper will be conducted in a subject matter to be agreed upon by student and advisor for six weeks either during or following the second summer session. Asia-Pacific College will assign a graduate advisor to provide guidance for this independent study; topics and scope must have the prior approval of the advisor. The goal of paper is to demonstrate the student’s capacity for in-depth study of inter-cultural leadership at an acceptable graduate level. The research may include an internship or other fieldwork. A committee of APC faculty, including the student’s advisor and an outside faculty member who was not involved in the creation process of the paper, will grade scholarly papers.

Evaluation criteria of the scholarly paper will include:

The merit of the paper
Contribution to scholarly knowledge
Mechanics (i.e., style, organization, clarity, proper references, and length)
Contents (i.e., quality of information given, amount and depth of detail, and relevance of research to the field)
Originality and usefulness for further future studies and research

Culmination (Defense/Presentation and Graduation)

This step offers students the opportunity to exhibit understanding of the precepts covered in the course of study in verbally defending their scholarly paper to a faculty committee. A successful defense, with a presentation of the accepted paper, will end in the student graduating from the program. Students who are able to travel may present and defend this paper in person in Honolulu. Students unable to travel to Honolulu may defend in a live virtual meeting conducted over the internet with video hookups on their computers.

Because the course in its entirety is offered online, students must have perfectly regular access to a computer that can perform up to the requirements of the program. Some features of the online courses may not be available to computers using older browsers or operating systems. All participants are responsible for ensuring the adequate performance of their computers.